What is Mi screen protect and how to buy Mi screen protection

When you buy a new smartphone, you always want to take care of it. Now a days, smartphone is the only thing which you carry always with you and you spent a lot of time with it.

As we all know that smartphones are not that much strong. Once your smartphone fall on the ground, there is a big possibility that its screen will damage. And Mi also understand this so Mi has launched its Mi screen protect insurance plan for its users.

You can buy Mi screen protect plan for your new smartphone from Xiaomi official website. In this post, we have described how to apply for Mi screen protect plan for your Xiaomi smartphone.

Mi screen protect insurance

Mi screen protect only cover mobile screen damage and doesn’t cover other types of device malfunction and part damage except smartphone screen. Mi screen protect insurance provide one year of mobile screen protection due to accident and liquid. Mi screen protect cover only five types of screen damages which are follows:

  1. Screen damage due to liquid. If liquid is spilled on your smartphone accidentally
  2. Screen damage due to pressure. If you accidentally sit on your smartphone and its screen got damage.
  3. If your smartphone is accidentally crushed by a vehicle and your smartphone screen get damaged.
  4. Screen damage due to smartphone accidentally fell on the ground.
  5. Screen damage if you are accidentally pushed by someone and your smartphone screen get damaged.

Instances not covered under Mi screen protect

  • Mobile Screen damage due to Negligence is not covered under insurance.
  • Smartphone screen damage due to any kind of self-repair attempt is not covered under mi screen protect.
  • Damage to any other part of the device except for the mobile screen. As Mi screen protect only covers screen damage.
  • Any kind of damage to mobile screen due to natural disasters is not covered under this insurance.
  • Intentional damage to smartphone screen is not covered.
  • Mi screen protect doesn’t cover Loss or theft of your mobile.
  • Normal wear or tear.
  • Cosmetic damages like scratches/ minor marks on screen are not covered, mobile screen will only be replaced in case of damage only.
  • Accessories such as chargers and batteries are not covered in this insurance.
  • Mi screen protect also don’t cover Manufacturing defects to your smartphone. For manufacturing defects you can use your mobile one year Mi warranty.
  • Mi screen protect not applicable for the Customers who are below 18 years old.
  • Mi screen protect is applicable for Indian users only and not applicable for the Indian customers who lives outside India.

How does Mi screen protect works

Mi screen protects works for any types of accidental or liquid damage to your smartphone. If your smartphone screen is broken then OneAssist will will be responsible for replacement of your broken mobile-screen with new one through authorised Mi service centre.

Mi screen protect is not completely free as you need to again pay to replace 350 additional rupees for the replacement of the screen each time. And you can claim your mobile screen two times only under the screen protection program.

If your mobile screen is broken 3rd time then Mi screen protect will not help you and will have to pay full amount for the replacement of the screen.

You can buy Mi screen protect with new Mi mobile only.

Mi screen protection is applicable for the 12 months after the activation date.

If your mobile is having more damaged than the screen then your screen can be replaced free of cost using Mi screen protect claim and you have to pay for the other damage to your mobile except screen as this program covers damage to screen only.

Activate Mi screen protection

If you have purchased Mi screen protection alongside with your new Mi smartphone then the Mi screen protection will be automatically activated with-in 24 hrs of your mobile delivery.

Mi screen protection for your Mi smartphone will be automatically activated with-in 24 hrs if you have purchased Mi screen protect within 3 days of phone delivery.

If you have not received the activation email from OneAssist within the given time then you can contact at 18001233330 or 08080333333 immediately.

Mi Protect is available for all Xiaomi devices sold only on mi.com/in

How to claim for Mi screen protect

Follow the simple steps given below to claim the Mi screen protect:

  • Download the OneAssist Android app and upload invoice copy, valid govt. ID card with the description of the incident.
  • Mi screen protect claim approval can take upto 48 hrs.
  • Select the nearest Mi service centre and schedule a visit.
  • Hand over your smartphone at Mi service center. They will verify your IMEI number with Mi screen protect program and initiate repair for the broken screen handset.
  • You will get a confirmation on completion of repair and pay labour charges and collect your repaired handset.

Mi screen protect price list

Redmi 8 4GB
Redmi 8A Dual 2+32GB/3+32GB
Redmi 9A
Redmi 8A Dual 3+64GB
Redmi 9
Redmi 9 Prime 64GB
Redmi 9i
Redmi Note 8 4GB
Redmi Note 9 4+64GB
Redmi 9 Prime 128GB
Redmi Note 8 6GB
Redmi Note 9 128GB
Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB
Redmi Note 9 Pro 4GB
Redmi Note 8 Pro 8GB
Redmi Note 9 Pro/Max 6GB
Redmi K20 64GB
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max 8GB
Redmi K20 128GB
Redmi K20 Pro 128GB
Redmi K20 Pro 256GB1299
Mi 102999

Mi screen protect review


Mi screen protect is useful for the premium smartphones as they are costlier. There will be a huge loss if your new smartphone screen get damaged. So you can buy Mi screen protect for your premium mobile.

  • 24X7 customer care support to report damages.
  • One call to block your SIM from anywhere in the world.
  • SIM misuse cover of up to ₹ 3000
  • Accidental and liquid damage protection.
  • Doorstep pickup and drop for repair.
  • Smart device assistance to resolve all your Mi device related queries.
  • DocuSafe of up to 1 GB to store and access all your important document from anywhere in the world.


  • It is not useful for mid range and low budget mobiles as you have to pay twice to claim for mobile screen replacement. First you have to buy the program then you have to pay for additional 350Rs with each claim.
  • You can claim only 2 times for your screen within 12 months.
  • It doesn’t cover theft of your device.

I will always suggest you to use a mobile cover and screen guard as it will protect your mobile and its screen from damage.

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