Mi trimmer broken blade head replacement price

Mi trimmer is the most affordable feature rich beard trimmer. It became very popular during lockdown period in COVID-19 pandemic.

Because at that time barber shops were not opening and we understand that shaving is a very necessary activity in our day to day life.

Mi has launched mi trimmer for mustache and beard trimmer purpose only but as we know that Indians are very Jugadu and they also use this trimmer to trim their body solid hairs and few people also use it for hair cut also.

So due to heavy load, its blade head brake and start malfunctioning.

mi trimmer blade

Mi Trimmer blade assembly

If your trimmer is working normal but its blade become broken or damaged then you can replace its blade to save your money.

I also tried to find Mi trimmer blade online but not find anywhere. Mi has mentioned on its official website that you can buy blade assembly for its trimmers on Mi authorized service centers nearby you.

And to find nearby Mi authorized service center find the search bar on this website and search for your nearby authorized service center.

When you find your nearby Mi authorized service center try to contact them by calling on contact number provided in the service center posts.

Buy Mi trimmer blade Online

It is very hard to find Mi trimmer blade assembly online on internet because Mi is not selling its blade in online as well offline market.

When Mi is not selling its trimmer blade in online as well as on offline market then how will you get it to replace it.

If you manage to search Mi trimmer blade head online then you will find that the trimmer blade you received is not original.

Mi has mentioned on its official website FAQ section that it has made available its trimmer blade on every mi authorized service centers.

You can also Extend Mi Trimmer Warranty before the last date of standard one year warranty. You have to pay to Extend the Warranty of your product.

Xiaomi also offer free installation to its brand new LED TV. You can contact mi customer care at Mi Helpline number to Book Mi LED TV installation Appointment at no cost.

Mi Beard Trimmer Warranty

ProductBeard Trimmer
Warranty12 months
Trimmer warranty12 months
Charging cable warranty12 months

As you can see in above table that Mi offers 12 months standard warranty on its blade as well as on trimmer.

So if your Mi trimmer is under warranty then you must visit near Mi service center as soon as possible to repair it at free of cost.

If your Mi Trimmer warranty has already ended even then you can visit to Mi service center to repair it but in this case, you have to pay for parts replaced (if any) and labor charges.

Mi Beard trimmer blade alternative

We have noticed that Mi beard trimmer blades are not available on internet to buy online. It is very difficult to buy Mi beard trimmer original blade in offline market also.

You can also search for beard trimmer blades for any brand trimmer, you will notice that blade head is not available for most of the trimmers.

If the blades are available to buy online then they are very costly, you can even buy new trimmer in place of buy those trimmer blade heads.

Best budget value for money trimmer

Now here we have compared many trimmers and find the best quality and value for money trimmer in 2022.

Although Mi trimmers provide you best features and design at a very budget price. So no one other trimmer can beat both the Mi trimmers but Philips provide the best quality and durable trimmers.

Once you buy Philips trimmers you need not to worry about your trimmer head replacement. So here we recommend you to buy any of the given below Philips trimmer because these are durable and long lasting.

You can also again buy Mi trimmers if you want best features and design at a very reasonable price.

TrimmerPriceBuy Now
Mi Trimmer1,399₹Try Now
Mi Trimmer 1C1,069₹Try Now
1,875₹Best Buy
596₹Try Now
1,759₹Best Buy

We recommend you to again buy the exactly same trimmer model which you have already purchased if you were satisfied with its performance.

Because buying the same Mi trimmer can benefit you because you will be having all the spare parts of the trimmer which you have purchased earlier.

You can use previous trimmer spare parts in the future if need them. We again inform you that Mi trimmer is the best budget trimmer with this much features.

You can also purchase any other brand trimmer also. Philips is the top brand in trimmers buy they are little bit costly. So buy Philips trimmers if you want a long lasting good quality trimmer from the table given above.

We tried to search trimmer blades from different brands online on many websites but no brand sell trimmer blades separately.

We found some brands blades online but they are very expensive, you can even buy a new trimmer after adding some amount to the blade amount.

So here we again recommend you to buy the same trimmer again which you have purchased previously. And for the latest top trimmer see our table given above.

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94 thoughts on “Mi trimmer broken blade head replacement price”

  1. My mi trimmer Blade is broken.I tried to get a new blade from the service center but the service center people have clearly denied that the company does not provide the blade.

  2. Mi beard trimmer
    Blade was broken so is there available at service center at ankleshwar or bharuch
    And at which price

  3. My mi trimmer Blade is broken.I tried to get a new blade from the service center but the service center people have clearly denied that the company does not provide the blade.

  4. My trimmer blade is broken
    But mi service center is disappointing now in future no any one product buy to mi..


  5. I have very bad experience about Mi store..mi is the worst service..my mi C1 trimmer’s blade is broken at 2 months ago… but I till didn’t get Blade… Mi store Jalgaon and Dhule worsted service….my product is under warranty but they… didn’t repair it..

  6. worst product…. blade broken…. hardly used 20 30 times….
    order id #5210604217111763.. I brought Nova last time in 400 that worked for 2 3 years… and this more than 1000 rs product worked less than a year.. it behaved like real Chinese product…
    I should have gone for wither Nova (Money saved) or Philips (Good quality)…

  7. Listen Guys
    The original price of this blade 250Rs and you will only get this from mi service centers near you. I will recommend you that if you life in metro city so first call all mi center and then visit the center who gives you this in 250.There is scam going on. This service center employees tells you higher price and thug you.
    😇and don’t worry your trimmer will run again.

  8. Not a good product, blade got broken and you cannot but it online as well as on mi store.
    Blade is not available in all the mi store

  9. In Bengaluru I called several service centre, 4 places the spare head is unavailable, one service centre guy quoted ₹600-700. Such a scam. There is a small plastic hinge which holds the spring of the blades, it will get broken easily and then the trimmer becomes practically useless. Everyone has the same problem. Never buying any Xiaomi products again.

  10. Worst product.. Plz dont buy this product..
    Spar parts not available in store…
    Blade broken my Treamar but not available in last 7 month’s in store..
    Plz plz dont buy this product
    I asking Mi store staff but his reply not a available any stor

  11. Don’t buy this product. very poor quality. Blade spring are holding in very thin plastic. Service center charges Rs 650/- for that blade.

  12. Hi
    I need mi trimmer head spare blade part.
    I want to know the Price and location where it is available?
    Andhra Pradesh

  13. Mi trimmer blade is nulla…… I saw mostly people complaining about head blade I changed twice in 6 months again broke……not worth not proper service. Go for Philips 👍 superb quality.

  14. i am using mi trimmer 1c model warranty period available. trimmer blade lock broken
    how do replacement .mi office not responding
    our side told this meterial not not claiming option for mi service centre why this product main part blade pls immediately action for mi showroom

  15. From which MI service centre at Kolkata I can buy Mi Trimmer 1C blade , actually my trimmer’s Blade has dismantled so it’s can’t use for further, so requesting you please help me.


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