Opening Mi franchise store will make you tons of cash. Here’s how!

Xiaomi has become the largest smartphone brand in India. Mi is giving tough competition to the most trusted smartphone brand Samsung in India.

Xiaomi has more than 3000 Mi store in India and wants to double these numbers in India only. Now the Xiaomi is trying to expand its business to every corner in India.

Xiaomi is about to launch more than 3000 new Mi franchise store in India in next two years.

It is planning to open more than 100 exclusive store and out of 100 exclusive stores it is planning to open 12 Mi exclusive store in eastern sector, 26 in western sector, 29 in north region and 33 in south India.

Xiaomi wants to expand its business on online market as well as in offline market so it is focusing on Mi exclusive and Franchise store also.

If you are planning to start-up a new business then Mi store can be a very good option to you.

Focus on small cities

To reach the every corner of India Xiaomi is about to start more than 100 retail stores in small cities. This includes cities with less than 50K population. This will benefit Xiaomi to reach the remote locations in India.

Space required for Xiaomi franchise

The minimum size required for the Mi Store is 300 square feet. There can be a maximum of two Mi Stores in a small village. If you are also willing to open a store, then you will have to fill the Mi Stores Franchisee Application Form by visiting the company’s Mi website.

Location preference for Mi store Franchise

Xiaomi says that no two Mi store franchise can be open in 10KM radius for small cities. If there is any other Mi franchise store already available within 10KM radius of your selected location then you won’t get any Mi Franchise store.

How to open a free Mi store Franchise?

Opening a Xiaomi franchise store has become very easy, however you need to fulfil some minimum requirements to open Mi franchise near your location. We also arranged answers to frequently asked questions related to Mi store franchise.

Note: This criteria is different for area type like rural, urban, or metropolitan.

How to apply for Mi Franchise store properly

You can apply for Mi franchise store by visiting Mi official website. Mi franchise form can be filled by using mobile as well as laptop.

Follow the simple steps given below to apply for Mi authorised Franchise store near your location:

  • Visit Mi official website form page.
  • Create Mi account or login with your Mi account.
  • Click on apply now to go to Mi Franchise form page.
  • Now enter your personal as well as store details.
    • Store name
    • Partner name
    • Contact number
    • Email ID
    • Pin code
    • Village or Town
    • City
    • District
    • State
    • Your Age
    • Store height, carpet area & front dimensions.
    • Store GST number (optional)
  • Click on YES if you already have a business otherwise click on NO.
  • Select type of store
    • Rent
    • Lease
    • Own
  • Enter monthly rent if your store is on rent.
  • Upload two photos of store.
    • One photo contains full front of your store.
    • One photo which contain opposite area of store.
  • Click on “agree” and submit your application form.

You can start your journey to own a Xiaom Franchise store right now. After you have filled up the application form you can run your own Mi Franchise store very soon. Mi also provides training to run the Mi store smoothly.

During the complete process Xiaomi officials will in touch will you to answer your queries and they will also give you good advice and guidance for your journey to own a brand new the Mi Franchise store.

This process has can be completed in 6 simples steps which are as follows:

  1. Filling & submission of Application form.
  2. Application review by Xiaomi panel.
  3. Telephonic discussion between store owner & Xiaomi officials.
  4. Xiaomi team visit to the store.
  5. Finance check and clearance.
  6. Agreement and store setup.
mi franchise store application process

Apply Now: In first step you need to fill-up the application form with required details.

Application Review by panel: Xiaomi team will review your online application and select your for further process.

Telephonic Discussion: Xiaomi team will initiate a telephonic discussion at the contact number your have provided in the application form.

In Store Visit: Xiaomi team will visit the store location to evaluate the suitability for store location and partner profile for Mi store Franchise.

Finance check: If your profile & store found fit for Mi Franchise store then the Finance team will provide the finance clearance or the financial support if is required.

Agreement & Store Setup: When everything goes right then the Xiaomi will signed an agreement with the candidate. And Xiaomi will provide all the required assistance to open the store.

We have provided Mi exclusive store (Mi Home) complete details in a dedicated post with location, address and contact numbers.

You can find your nearby Franchise store to get all the required information. We also recommend you to visit few Mi Homes before you apply for a Xiaomi Franchise Store to get the basic information and general idea.

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