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Xiaomi Mi apps download: There are plenty of Mi apps available on Google play store developed by Xiaomi. You can find more than 15 official android app on google play store by Xiaomi Inc.

All Mi apps available on google play store comes with amazing functionality. If you are a Xiaomi Mi fan then you must try all these apps once in your android mobile.

Mi App

We recommend Mi apps because Mi apps are having special features and these apps are developed by professionals. So there are very fewer chances for bugs in these apps.

Here are the following reasons why we recommend Mi apps:

  • Mi apps are bugs free or with very little bugs.
  • Mi apps are updated regularly.
  • Mi apps are developed by professionals.
  • No annoying advertisement on Mi apps.
  • Mi apps have a clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to download and update from Google Play store.
  • Mi is a trusted brand so very less possibility to your data security breach.
  • Supported in almost every mobile with different android version.
  • Mi apps are bugs free and fast loading apps.
  • Completely free to download and use.

How to download Xiaomi Mi apps

It’s quite simple to download Xiaomi Mi apps in any android mobile because official Mi apps are available on Google play store. These apps are available for Xiaomi and all other smartphone brands also.

You can download mi apps in your Xiaomi Redmi or other brand smartphones also. These apps are available for free of cost.

You just need to search you desired mi app on google play store and then install it. You have all done. Enjoy the latest version of Mi app on your mobile for free.

For more details, you can visit Mi official website and contact Xiaomi care also.

List of Xiaomi Mi apps

Mi Wallpaper carousel

Mi wallpaper carousel is the official wallpaper app by Xiaomi and you can download this app in any android mobile. But this app is compatible with Xiaomi devices except for Mi A1/A2/A3.

You can change wallpapers in with this app but lock screen stories will only work in Xiaomi devices. So if you install this app in Xiaomi devices then you can use its all features but for devices other than Xiaomi you can download and apply wallpapers, lock screen stories feature will not work.

This app has so many categories of wallpapers and all wallpapers provided in this app are in HD+ quality.

Mi remote app

This app only works in devices having IR blaster. Mi remote app is compatible with most phones having IR blaster. With this app, you can control every device controlled with the remote. Like AC, LED, Setup box, home theatre and more.

You can also add devices manually to this app. If your device is local or not listed in the list of this app you can manually add them.

Mi launcher (POCO launcher)

POCO launcher 2.0 – customize, fresh & clean is the official launcher app by Xiaomi. There is one another app named with Mi launcher is available on google play store. But that is not an official mi launcher app.

POCO launcher by Xiaomi is the smaller, lighter, faster and safer app for your unique home screen.

You can keep your apps private by hiding them using this app. This app is powered with some new features like dark mode, lock home screen icons, lock device with double tap on the screen.

You can change notification badges style in android devices 8.0 or latest.

Mi music player

This is the default music app by Xiaomi devices. You can’t install Mi music app in devices other than Xiaomi devices. But if you are using Xiaomi devices then you can update this app from google play store.

Mi Home app

This app is very useful if you are using Mi smart devices at home like Mi security camera, Xiaomi air purifier 2, Xiaomi smart LED bulb and more. You can operate and control all of your Xiaomi smart devices in this single app.

Mi home app is useless if you don’t have any Xiaomi smart device at your home.

Mi file manager

Mi file manager is an efficient file manager and secure tool available to download and install free of cost on google play store.

This app is faster and well designed. It also comes with unique functionality like file share, dark mode, file hide option, cleaner, mi drop, file compression and more. This app supports multiple Indian and foreigner language.

Mi store app

You can shop Official Mi products including Xiaomi smartphones, tablets and accessories. Now you need not visit Flipkart, Amazon or any other apps to purchase mi products.

Just install Mi store app in your mobile and shop Mi products you want.

Mi apps Download

You can download most of the Mi apps in any Android mobile from Google play store. We have provided some Mi apps direct download link in the chart given below.

You can also download all Mi apps from Mi app store also. Mi app store is not available on google play store so you need to download it from the download link given below.

Official Mi App store Apk


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