How to remove Mi security app in Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi has become popular smartphone brand in India and China. Its budget segment smartphones are selling everywhere in India.

Mi is launching its smartphones at a very reasonable price as compare to other smartphone brands like Samsung and Oneplus.

Xiaomi is trying to earn money from other sources. It has started placing ads in its built-in apps.

And Xiaomi is earning money by placing built-in apps in the form of bloatware. It is also earning money by place ads in those bloatware.

Many of us don’t like Xiaomi preinstalled apps which are also known as bloatware. Mi has also added an app for mobile security.

Mi security app is to add firewall and provide functionality like an Antivirus for MiUI based smartphones.

In this post, we have discussed how to remove or uninstall Mi security app from Xiaomi devices.

Before starting the Mi Security app removal process you should know the important things about the removal of MiUI security app.

Is it safe to use Mi Security App?

If you don’t own Xiaomi smartphone then you should never install Mi Security app in other brand smartphones. And even this app will not work in other brand smartphone.

Once you have purchased Xiaomi brand smartphone then you should not be worried about it. But if you are worried about your data breach or loss then you should buy Apple iPhone.

As Apple’s iOS is the safest operating system for smartphones. You can also buy Google smartphone which are the safest devices after iPhone in terms of privacy protection.

There are many incident has happened in near past where Indian govt. has found that Xiaomi or other Chinese smartphone brands are stealing important data from their users smartphone without informing them and handing over to the Chinese government.

And Chinese government can use that data for the Nation threat. So Indian Government has banned 118 Chinese apps in India.

Many Xiaomi apps were present in this banned app list like Mi video call, Mi community and many more.

As we all know that China is the big threat to India and Chinese government use these apps data to target the Indian government and military.

If you are important person in any of the organization in India then you should never own Xiaomi brand mobile.

But if you are a normal person and doesn’t keep any sensitive date related to Indian military or other government establishments then you can use Mi mobile and their apps.

Normally no reputed brand want to low their brand image in the world so XiaoMi also shouldn’t do that. But we never know the mentality of anybody specially who belongs to enemy country.

There are possibilities that Xiaomi can preinstall malware within their smartphones to spy their users because every business is in the partnership with the Chinese government.

Can I disable Mi Security App in Xiaomi mobile?

There is no option available in the Xiaomi smartphones to disable and uninstall the Mi Security App. You need to root your mobile to uninstall the system apps.

Smartphone becomes more vulnerable when their bootloader in unlocked and rooted. I must tell you that you need to unlock your smartphone bootloader to get the root access.

How to uninstall MiUI Security App?

You can uninstall Mi Security app from you Xiaomi mobile in two ways. Both the ways are mentioned below in this post:

Root Method

You can easily uninstall system bloatware as well as Mi Security App once your Mi mobile is rooted.

  • Unlock Bootloader in your Mi mobile.
  • Root your mobile.
  • Install suitable SuperSU.
  • Open the SuperSU app.
  • Select the Mi Security App.
  • Click on uninstall.
  • You have all done.

ADB Method

  • Install ADB and Fastboot in PC.
  • Turn on USB debugging.
  • App Inspector.
  • Connect Mi mobile to PC using USB cable.
  • Open the Command prompt
  • Type “adb devices” to check if the device is connected
  • Enter the command: “adb shell”
  • Find the package name of the system app using the App Inspector
  • Enter the following command: “pm uninstall –k —user ”

How to disable Mi Security App?

You can also remove Mi Security App by using Mi hidden settings. Try the given below steps if these works for you.

  • Go to System Settings in your Mi mobile.
  • Navigate to Apps sections.
  • Select the Mi Security App.
  • Go to storage.
  • Clear all data and cache for this app.
  • Find the option to disable the app.
  • If it is highlighted then disable the app.
  • You have all done.

How to handicap Mi Security App

If you have tried everything to disable, uninstall or remove the Mi Security App in your mobile then you can try this manual solution which can handicap this app.

And the Mi Security app can no longer do its work properly. It has one advantage that you can remove these restrictions from Mi Security App if in future you feel to use this app again.

When you don’t have any option to uninstall the preinstall apps in your mobile then you can do the following things which can help you up to some extent.

Do the following things with Mi Security App to manually disable it without removing it from your mobile:

  • Disable data access to unwanted apps.
  • Deny WiFi access for foreground & background.
  • Clear Mi Security app all data and cache.
  • Block notifications for unwanted apps.
  • Freeze untrusted app in background & foreground.
  • Block auto start of unwanted apps.
  • Try to disable/uninstall apps which are not required to you.
  • Remove all permissions for the unwanted apps.

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