Is Mi security App Safe to use?

Is it safe to use Mi Security App?

If you don’t own Xiaomi smartphone then you should never install Mi Security app in other brand smartphones. And even this app will not work in other brand smartphone.

Once you have purchased Xiaomi brand smartphone then you should not be worried about it. Because you will not find any option to disable or uninstall it.

If you are really worried about your data breach or loss then you should buy Apple iPhone.

As Apple’s iOS is the safest operating system for smartphones. You can also buy Google smartphone which are the safest devices after iPhone in terms of privacy protection.

India banned Chinese Apps including Xiaomi Apps

There are many incident has happened in near past where Indian govt. has found that Xiaomi or other Chinese smartphone brands are stealing important data from their users smartphone without informing them and handing over to the Chinese government.

And Chinese government can use that data for the Nation threat. So Indian Government has banned 118 Chinese apps in India.

Many Xiaomi apps were present in this banned app list like Mi video call, Mi community and many more.

As we all know that China is the big threat to India and Chinese government use these apps data to target the Indian government and military.

If you are important person in any of the organization in India then you should never own Xiaomi brand mobile.

You can try to Remove Mi Security App from your mobile.

But if you are a normal person and doesn’t keep any sensitive date related to Indian military or other government establishments then you can use Mi mobile and their apps.

Normally no reputed brand want to low their brand image in the world so XiaoMi also shouldn’t do that. But we never know the mentality of anybody specially who belongs to enemy country.

There are possibilities that Xiaomi can preinstall malware within their smartphones to spy their users because every business is in the partnership with the Chinese government.

Should I buy Xiaomi smartphones?

As I have already mentioned that if you are really worried about your privacy then my answer is not.

But if you are unable to buy smartphone from top trusted brands like Apple, Google & Samsung then you don’t have any choice.

Many of the smartphone companies are China based. Oppo, Realme, OnePlus, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi & Redmi all are China based smartphone brands.

If you are really worried about your privacy Apple must be your first choice after that Google and Samsung.

But we Indian want top premium features in smartphone at a very low price. In that case only Chinese smartphone brands can fulfill your requirements.

In my case I also using Realme smartphone, We can’t trust on any Chinese product but I think Realme is more trusted than Xiaomi.

How to kill apps in background

When you don’t have any option to uninstall the preinstall apps in your mobile then you can do the following things which can help you up to some extent.

Do the following things for unwanted apps:

  • Disable data access to unwanted apps.
  • Deny WiFi access for foreground & background.
  • Block notifications for unwanted apps.
  • Freeze un-trusted app in background & foreground.
  • Block auto start of unwanted apps.
  • Try to disable/uninstall apps which are not required to you.
  • Remove all permissions for the unwanted apps.

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